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> Free Software Movement itself doesn't seem to be a democratic
> movement. It is a highly biased movement with a strong political
> statement on freedom of computing in particular and freedom of
> knowledge in general.
> Free SOftware  Movement is not a monolithic entity based on any
> democratic principles. Rather, it is a diverse group of organisations
> and indivuduals with widely varying philosophy but sharing some common
> thoughts and FSF India, FSF  or  any other related orgs does not
> represent or can claim to represent all the "Free Software Movement".
> I think FSF India follows the similar structure as that of FSF of
> which Eben was a board member for a long time.
> Since FSF itself is an undemocratic organization and RMS being its
> head a dictator, it'll be proper for a die hard freedom fighter like
> you to boycott all his programmes and instead conduct some awareness
> programmes to enlighten people about the damage he is doing to the
> cause of democracy and freedom.
> Quoting from RMS Essays :
Chapter 20 ; Page 176 ; para 3
Regarding calling GNU system as linux system

 They still wouldn't have to agree with us. But at least they'd see a reason
to take
it seriously, to think about it carefully, to give it a chance. They would
see how it
relates to their lives. If they realized, "I'm using the GNU system. Here's
the GNU
philosophy. This philosophy is why this system that I like very much
exists," they'd
at least consider it with a much more open mind. It doesn't mean that
will agree. People think different things. That's okay–people should make up
own minds. But I want this philosophy to get the benefit of the credit for
the results
it has achieved.

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