[FSUG-Bangalore] Defending the threat to the public-ness and the egalitarian nature of the Internet

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> >>> I think we should endorse this. What everyone say?
> >>
> >> I support the view. The Internet control should not be monopolised.
> >> The decision has to sent by 1st Dec.
> >
> > Vinay,
> >
> > Count on our support. We are endorsing this (as no one spoke against
> > it so far). Hope we get some good traction at IGF meet.
> +1
> It will be good if you can expand the description of
> "Proprietarisation of standards and code that build the Internet"
> little bit. if it is not too late.  The current description only
> addresses "use of proprietary and closed standards and code in
> building the Internet system.".  Along with the focus to make
> Internet protocols as free standards we have to point on data encoding
> too.
> internet should not be polluted by privately owned data formats like
> mp3, mp4, flash, ppt, doc, DRM embeded media etc . This needed
> toprevent 1 st point  "Increasing corporatisation of the Internet"

Can we add a sentence to that paragraph .

The use of open standards and formats has to be enforced in the Internet, to
prevent the users from the forced adherence to non-standard or closed
utilities and to ensure the people's freedom of accessibility to information
and knowledge.
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