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Thu Nov 27 18:43:58 IST 2008

Hemanth H.M wrote:
> I was in full josh mode , and instead of posting , i replied soory 
> about it :( , here is my post
> * Why my VTU friends didn't switch to UBUNTU  *??
Well, they wouldn't have switched to any other distribution for that matter.
> I installed Ubuntu to most of my classmates , with in no time 90% of them
> formated there HDD when asked why ?? They give many reasons the most 
> common
> :
> 1. There is no NCTUns (which runs well one Fedora!!).
Well this is not Ubuntu or for that matter any non-Fedora distribution's 
fault. It is the fault of the developers of NCTUns to make it "Fedora 
Only" if the tool is worth to be used by a lot of students. Really 
responsible FOSS developers wont do that as Fedora still holds a very 
low market share within GNU/Linux Desktop market.

Secondly, it is also the fault of the students. Most distributions are 
up and running by the contributions of 1000s of volunteers who are 
already struggling hard to keep existing things running smooth, 
improving them as and when improvements happen in upstream. It is/was an 
wonderful opportunity for the students to try and make it work in 
non-Fedora distributions. Make it work in one Debian based distribution, 
you can get it working in every Debian based distribution. It will be a 
wonderful contribution to both the NCTUns project as well as the various 
GNU/Linux distributions as a whole.
> 2. I'm not able to configure and setup things for LAB , like
> apache,tomcat,java ..etc
Why? I have never heard someone (who took real interest in trying it 
out) complaint this for a Debian based distribution. Yes, if you expect 
click and all work kind of environment then it's not easy. But that 
gives no opportunity to learn and things don't work that way in FOSS.
> 3. I and my mom are used to Windows.
Well, when we all tried GNU/Linux for the very fist time, we too were 
(and remember at that time things weren't as wonderful as it is now). 
There is really nothing there to get used to Windows. It's all in your 
mind, really!
> So , i made this blog with few solutions , i am also trying on MOTU for
> NCTUns
Good Luck! :)

With Regards,

Parthan "technofreak"
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