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	The better practice is to not to mix two messages ( for and
against ) in the same poster / banner  ( 3rd and 4th )
	1st poster / banner also could be separated, M$ VTU ,allow
students us to learn fonts could be changed , the image is ok but the
front one looks a bit dim ( flashy ) 
	3rd could be replacement banner / poster
	4th could be against M$ Lock in
	2nd one --images are very small
	i feel some kind of reorganization is required 
	The Fonts Have to bigger ( message lines, like in poster 1) -
they will not be visible from far distance 
	>> renuka , thanks for your comments and review amidst a tight
schedule..can some student help with this i can send the source
	>> jayakumar .. can some blogger be involved...it will be
learning experience for them as well 

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