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On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 8:03 PM, Vikram Vincent <vincentvikram at gmail.com>wrote:

> 2008/11/25 jaykumar hs <jaykumarhs at gmail.com> Hi All,
>> As planned in the last fsug meeting, it is proposed to submit the
>> representation to VTU Special Officer on 27.11.2008 the Thursday at 1.00PM
>> at VTU Office, Near Ashoka Pillars.
> where -- please put the actual address !!

> Please confirm the same.
> Jaykumar this is the reason why i told to put it on the list

what is the plan --- is it just submission on that day, dont we need
signatures from various people , thats y i suggested to do before the
awareness camp ( if that is decided --location ? so that people from
different groups who are supporting free softwares can get together and then
submit , otherwise some how the letter has to be communicated and signatures
have to be collected right ?)

if not this then each group might be thinking that there might be a need to
submit seperate letter ,

My suggestion is if we all are writing one letter then collect the
signatures of every one and attach those and then we need to submit right ?

Anyways people on the list can suggest their ideas also ...

> Thursday is fine. Last I remember, VTU office was not functional on
> Saturdays or officials are not available...

except 2nd saturday all other saturdays VTU regional office works

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