[FSUG-Bangalore] How to modify these kind of things? in VTU , not just M$

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				 however if we go a grassroot campaign -
syllabus based workshops - there will be some change and willingness to
look at - this should be long term

	 That is the reason, information was given to keep in mind all
these things while giving a representation, As we have to address
diversified areas . the information given was more appropriate and even
the reply from anjhan also addressed the same issue.

	I am only reminding those issues that were addressed in previous
FLOSS campaign where the link was provided by the wiki page ............
	please read the last few paragraphs of the letter sent to VTU
last time in this link which was listed in Wiki
	thanks renuka..request vikram..to collate...from the previous
letter as well....and add a note..if u feel we can meet and sit down
together as well..

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