[FSUG-Bangalore] How to modify these kind of things? in VTU , not just M$

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Tue Nov 25 11:11:45 IST 2008

As vikram suggested...after the awareness campaign..

	Infact what the information given is more  appropriate and
useful as we are addressing the Vendor Lock ( as mentioned by Mr Vikram
) It would be better to address all the proprietary issues is what i
felt ---
	( for an instance in my own college we have microsoft products
campus licenses worth 6 lakhs and other softwares are contributing to 23
lakhs ) 

		i think only a community based intitative..to
demonstrate..alternatives...and a grassroot campaign..talking to all hod
and facutly..might help...however i dont know easily they will
accept...alternatives....this is a question of WILL many times...and not
just replacement availability...in kerala for example the WILL is
stronger...for its own reasons...otherwise campaign will be a starting
point - and will bring out all these questions.... however if we go a
grassroot campaign - syllabus based workshops - there will be some
change and willingness to look at - this should be long term

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