[FSUG-Bangalore] About Launching uncorkers.org during RMS visit

Shashi connect2shashi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 20:30:21 IST 2008

Recently I had posted a thread about forming a free software developer
People had responded to it by joining the Google Group...
Uncorkers is a group of hackers organized in order of meritocracy To
develop quality free software, pioneering technology, and
documentation as well as partcipate actively in the Free Software
Movement, You may think about uncorkers as a clone of Apache but the
difference is that uncorkers promise to release their work under GPL
and they are also active freedom fighters. I've been thinking about
launching the website uncorkers.org since last month during the RMS
visit... but i was in doubt about it being complete enough for the
launch... Now that the code is improving with speed getting its
finishing touches I'm sure it will be ready to serve by the end of
next week...

Sorry if I'm causing trouble by telling this late but How can I launch
the site during the RMS visit...

For RMS to decide i've made an email draft and the wiki page
Please help.

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