[FSUG-Bangalore] How to modify these kind of things? in VTU , not just M$

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Mon Nov 24 18:26:26 IST 2008

some one from us only will have to handle this subject in another 10 months
from now

http://vtu.ac.in/basic/MCA28.pdf             -- page 23
http://vtu.ac.in/basic/CSEScSy140808.pdf  -- page 2 elective 3

apart from these

I semester all branches will use :
Solid Edge ( i tried an alternate version for this for few days -- no
alternate found as i have no idea of drawings )
throughout the university students will be running around to take printouts
of the drawings made using this software --- this is where we have to start
----------where fresh set of students will have be made aware

I semesters : electronics , Telecom , IT : uses proprietary 8086 / 8085

Few other Proprietary Softwares  that are used in many colleges :
Mechanical Engineering : AUTOCAD / CAM / CAE , FEA analysis tools ( no
alternate found )
Electronics Brach           : VHDL, ModelSim -- for these we have
IEM Branch                   : Systat , Statfit ( R is the alternative ) SCM
Simulation tools , HR Tools
Electrical                        : Pspice ( gspice )
Circuit simulators           : basic to advaced EDA tools like Xilinx
Architechtural                 : Arch CAD ( may be QCAD ) -- may be XFIG
Civil Engg                       : CIVIL CAD ( may be XFIG )
Telecom                          : NO information ----------------------
Full of proprietary tools
Instrumentation Tech     : Comepletely proprietary simulators
ISE                                  : Network simulator ( NetSim -
currently depends on each college )
MCA                                : Rational Rose ( BOUML/ORGOUML/UMRELLO)
                                        : TALLY ( Gnukatha - getting
released today or tomorow)

Inspite of demonstrating in my own department they are not replacing this
until and unless a persmission is given from the VTU is what management
says. ( What i felt is until and unless we do not demonstrate to the
students and faculties and build confidence in them about free softwares ,
we cant do anything --- I dont deny that awareness is the first step for
this --)

Along with Protests / lettters / representations  ++++++ if practical issues
are addressed and also building confidence amoung the people about free
software who are affected by these proprietary technologies will be good,
for this Students / Faculties /HOD /Princiapl/Management of different
colleges are the key people.

Currently it is VTU's  semester end ( except first sem ) -- seeing the
mentality of students in bangalore and also the recent chcanges happening in
the colleges ( getting autonomous ) they will be so busy ( number of
subjects are increased , grading system is introduced , and faculties are
working extra hours doing documentation work )

I am only worried how to make these people involve in raising voice against
not only M$ any proprietary softwares that too when the maximum people are
from not computer science related branches ( Computer sciece related
bracnhes students contributes some what around 20 -25 percent for the whole
set of students )

even the softwares that are purchased by other branches are much costlier
than what computer science related branches purchase......

apart from curricullum the mangemnet in many college are spending atleast 10
lakhs ( one time -----+ maintenance  charges )of rupees towards softwares
that help in Student information management / library management / placement
/ accountancy ...etc etc ...

So where to start from and from whose support ----------- definitely it is a
big problem that we are going to address , lets start and hope for the best
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