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The main reason is the unbeatable-in-a-decade Windows using Pupulation! The
pace at which FSM has been progressing in the field of public high profile
advertising, has slowed it down in its way towards mass reach, How many of
us are not attracted to ads in the TV, and don't want to own the product
with the coolest ad ? Today while watching cricket I was irritated by the
Microsoft ads, which i think teach people( of course when we talk about
Indian general population we talk about a race of people for whom Windows is
the only thing that can run a cumputer. You may not notice this now coz you
may be in the midst of people who use GNU/Linux but I realize it as i live
among the dumber younger people who follow a non-free software teaching
curriculum!) Why does PU board have to have windows and MS Office as
mandatory cahpters damnit~! big bullcrap. Someone tell me how can a
Original Microsoft Windows Save 1.5 lack Rs per PC per Month


And the other add ""Give your children Windows *and send them to prison*

So My thought is we must stop stupid waste of time just thinking what other
organizations like Novell are doing, the world gives less ** to how we
respond to political (I mean like the Novell Situation) changes than how
Free Software is cool and hoe it appeals to them! Right now Free Software
Patrons need to sponser massive scale ads and awareness programmes that
don't focus on Free Software Development but on Free Software public

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 4:59 PM, Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2008/11/23 Hemanth H.M <hemanth.hm at gmail.com>:
>> A General Question ?
>> It might be the , voice and video chat integrated  in the inbox or it may
>> Gtalk , rather Google Chrome itself , ain't available for Linux
>> Why most of the Google Softwares are not available for Linux  ?
>> What can we FSUG guys do about it , please give your thoughts .
> Well, we have empathy messenger which support voice chat. People are
> adding GNU/Linux versions of video chat and chrome. Things will start
> changing once we have a large number of GNU/Linux users, but I'm not
> sure if that is what we wanted.
> For example Adobe released 64 bit version of its flash player for
> GNU/Linux before it released for any other OSes. Do you think that is
> what we wanted? flash player from adobe is still proprietary even
> though they released GNU/Linux version first.
> I am happy with empathy having voice chat support with fully Free
> Software, even though we had to wait longer to get there.
> Freedom is worth waiting for.
> Cheers
> Praveen
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