[FSUG-Bangalore] Mass movement - not for profit companies - ngos

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Sun Nov 23 15:40:39 IST 2008

> However its very clear to me that the free software movement is not a single
> 'foundation' or 'ngo' or 'non profit company'  or a single 'party' - but all
> of them can be part of the movement

Yes, movement consists or individuals and several different kinds of
It is required because diversity of people.

> many times - they democratically elect their leaders rather than by
> nomination  : Gandhi was not nominated into leadership of the freedom
> movement nor was Medha Patkar ...

 I dont know is 'elect' is a correct statement for above mentioned cases.
They took up issues of people and gave them (people) leadership.
Same is the case with RMS and other in free software movement.

I agree with all the points you have raised.

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