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>  Hi,
>  am saying this after understanding the significant contributions and
> struggles different ngos / not for  profit companies / political parties
>  have made to struggle in free software..and other political and social
> struggles...
> However its very clear to me that the free software movement is not a
> single 'foundation' or 'ngo' or 'non profit company'  or a single 'party' -
> but all of them can be part of the movement
Free Software movement or Free Software upholds the ideologies of Free
Society , Any body supporting free software Movement are concerned about the

> Freedom Struggle of India - Is a mass movement : it had everybody in the
> country in it...from slum dwellers, village folks, artists, intellectuals,
> teachers , students..the Dalit movement in India in the last decade - is a
> mass movement..The Narmada Bachao Andolan - is a mass movement ..
Every Human Action reveals Freedom ------Swami Vivekanada

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