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> Very good points in both mails. From your mails itself we can understand
> how difficult it is to influence the system. I am a former student of VTU
> and hence I understand the issues clearly. Also we felt that a protest at
> this point would be pointless. An awareness campaign would be more useful.
> Do you have contacts in VTU we can approach?

every thing is put up on VTU site, but never try those , as i already tried
for so several reasons did not work. they dont case to give info abt VC when
i tried to call.. we can get contacts through principals of different
colleges ....

You dont believe the principals of colleges will be nowadyas so busy they
are not even accessable to their own staff ( i have not even once spoke to
our principal face to face till now )

What i meant to say was --- the system is very hierarchical we need to make
a strong awareness campaign .. starting from the Students level --------- if
students speak then the whole system has to listen ...

Students are and the only way ---------- is what i see

Very simple asssume if every stdent in a college say they dont subjects with
Proprietary technologies , then it will be so obvious that any one has to
listen to students ---------

Ofcourse the upper hierarchies also are very important --- but to bring a
change it will be much easier if students ask is what i feel ---------

------------------------------------ the other option

Massive / regualr  awareness campaign involving students and faculties and



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