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Sat Nov 22 22:13:15 IST 2008

renuka prasad wrote:
> Once the syllabus is changed -- next four years -- syllabus will not 
> be changed at all. so what next?
> another important information for you all is that
> The best colleges ( 11 -15 colleges in karnataka who are autonomous ) 
> are not getting effected by this tie-up ( little bit of relief )
> -- i initially was tensed up while i read the news came from parthan ( 
> sorry if mistyped ) , but later then realized -------------- but the 
> HOD /faculties / Principals /management of the autonomous may be 
> supporting the Proprietary technologies , we should adress this ----
The syllabus issue is a kind of problem, especially when it gets 
implemented and people get into comfort level with it that it becomes so 
hard to change. Am sure when it gets implemented, MS is going to somehow 
get the students into their lock, provide certifications and all the 
crap, make job promises (remember the so-called top MNCs in India are on 
their side), and what not.

Secondly, it's easier for MS to seep through autonomous colleges as 
they're $$ hungry and having MS on their brochure makes them more 

Well, I wasn't panicking or tensed when I heard this. People were 
already smelling this long back and actually a lot of people were fuming 
about the intra- personal- fights happening here that the focus was  
getting lost from what needs to be tackled due to something which 
happened and can't be changed now. (Well, I request people not to reply 
to this and make another long thread.) At least they're right and we 
should rather spend our energy tackling this more serious problem.

They're trying to hit the nail right on the center of our head by 
conquering the parent university, getting into formal syllabus, 
conquering books, computers and students' mind thereby building a 
impermeable wall for us. Bangalore being the IT capital of India, if we 
lose to them here it's hard for us to gain our grounds back.

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