[FSUG-Bangalore] spreading GNU/Linux through Internet Cafes

Rakesh 'arky' Ambati rakesh_ambati at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 18:03:28 IST 2008

--- On Sat, 22/11/08, Shashi <connect2shashi at gmail.com> wrote:

> They'll find it kinda wierd with the start button
> missing (I
> co\ustomised it to mimic windows tho) so i thought this
> can be used as
> a tool if we can make a beautiful documentation that shows
> what are
> analogous to windows, how to use them, where to get more
> help, let
> them know about fsm and stuff. So I initiated this git repo
> here to
> make HTML doc for the same, it is at
> http://github.com/ucafe.git you
> can pull/push from and to it with an ssh key.


Using gnu/linux for Internet cafes is great. There are couple of good kiosk mode hacks for running machines customized for browsing and all.

There are still some problems that needs to be address like the one issue about IM clients (see 
http://playingwithsid.blogspot.com/2008/10/instant-messengers-for-kiosk-linux.html for kiosk mode links ) and others. 



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