[FSUG-Bangalore] plans for RMS visit

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Fri Nov 21 14:12:17 IST 2008

The following is the plan..
1) Slum computer Center : Book Release by RMS ( time and date not yet
fixed to be confirmed by Arun ) . Story of the slum computer center. 
        - We will have paintings also in the center during RMS visit 
        - This will be in the new gurupanpalaya slum , behind ibm
        - this saturday we have a meeting at 11 in the community  and
anybody is welcome to join
        - we will 
2) Kannada bloggers :
        - A meeting with Girish Kasaravalli and the other bloggers is in
plan for the weekend - U.R Anandamurthy , Nemichandra are some of the
writers who can join us. 
        - A prelimnary discussion has already happened and they have
expressed keen interest in free software
3) IISc 
        - Content preparation work is on - we should have the site up on
"IIIsc - Myth of IP " soon
        - A basic discussion with a few  IISc students who brought the
issue forward over phone  - they are keen on RMS visit ( anivar has
talked to gilesh - we will meet all of them during the campaign phase) .
We will also organise a meeting at IIsc
         - Redhat Venky, Prof Gopinat IISc have expressed support. We
will try and meet more of them as part of the run up
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