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jayakumar is working on it...the basic idea is to take it to take free
software to bloggers..and the kannada writers - the other set - whom
cant be invited to rvce..
however we need a date and time fixed separately - as rvce will be too
long for lot of people to travel as its not central part of
town...jayakumar has the details regarding them..and is in touch with


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	I meant we need to know if there is date and time to organise a
kannada bloggers meet along with some important kannda writers.

do they want to meet kannada writers ? then i dont think that is a
problem at all
( i am eager to see those bloggers , are they part of FSUG-bangalore
list , or do they have any other list , could you please give some info
----- so that i can also join their list --- i  own reasons---usually
dont blog in kannada becasue --of my, still it is fun to read them )

but if they can mail me the people whom they want to meet -- ican try as
my uncle is a kannada professor and has god Phd in kannada , he has lot
of contacts and infact that day he is getting few writers along with
him, as the event is public event , i dont know who are exact people
--as soon as i get the names i will announce them here ,

if the people can send me a mail i will forward to my uncle to fix the
appointment with them may be before our event or after our event they
can meet them seperately 

OR what is that they required ? is there any thing else ?
if they want to meet RMS they can attend the talk and invlove in Q and A
sessions which is the best thing to do ---

any suggestions / comments ??


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	13th : Public Talk on "Free software Free Society" + Book
release : kannada Version of "FSFS:selected essays of RMS"  

	14th : IISC Event ( IISC / some body has to confirm ) 
	>> we are trying to block the hall at IISc for 14th .. the
centenary celebrations are on  till 7.30 p.m . 17th evening  might be
the best day..i have requested students to block hall both on 14th and
17th. The celberations are on till the 16th. 
	>> we will go on campaign (posters , flex banners) on the issue
at iisc starting first week or so
	>> we will also build and content and put up against ip cells
	15th : Public Talk at SJCE, Mysore ( They had requested for an
event which is confirmed now by RMS)
	16th : Mr Vikram confirmed this that they are expecting to have
an event on 16th Dec 2008
	          Christ university : 10 - 12.
	          Ambedkar Comminity Computing Centre ( senthil -correct
me if the name is not proper ) 
	          >>  Saturday or Sunday evening might be better ( 13th
or 14th) - if not we can have on 16th evening as requested. 
	>> The kannada bloggers thing is still hanging - where we can
bring in many more kannda writers - who have expressed willingness and
will be happy to meet RMS.
	Arun hope this information is useful for your further schedules 

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