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*Insignia 3.0 :Hackerdom*
A celebration of FOSS culture

The Dept.of Computer Science,Government Engineering College, Thrissur
and Free Software Users Group of Thrissur, are delighted to announce
the Annual National Event on Free Software Philosophy, Practice &
Development scheduled for the 9th, 10th and 11th of January, 2009. The
event is named as Insignia 3.0 - *Hackerdom* , as a way of continuing
from the roots from annual Free Software event in GEC called as

This Event is an effort to bring  the Users and Developers together in
same platform and make them familiarize  with Hacker Culture", the way
in which free software Community works

Hackerdom points to spread the message of Hacking  as a positive way
to improve your system, whether it is Technical, cultural or social.

Hackerdom provides a venue for practicing user to producer
transformation rooted in the fundamentals of Free Software. Hackerdom
will also feature sessions

Our Focus lies here:
       Users + Hackers = Community;
       Come as a User, Return as a Hacker !

We call upon all the Hackers and Users of the world to join in and
contribute to the event at http://hackerdom.in.

Hacker from Hackerdom.in
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