[FSUG-Bangalore] GNU grazing on the 22nd November

Parthan SR parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 10:37:09 IST 2008

renuka prasad wrote:
> i too feel this is the best idea ,
> i think people from industry / academics with like minded can design 
> an alternate curriculum and demonstrate to BOE Chairman of respective 
> autonomous and as well non -autonomous colleges
>  but a protest would definitely send the message to VTU and M$
Am not sure whether you guys already know about this, but as I was at 
the place who did this I thought of pointing these to you..

[1] http://nrcfosshelpline.in/code/wiki/FossElectivesSyllabus
[2] http://nrcfosshelpline.in/code/wiki/FossElectiveoneBook
[3] http://nrcfosshelpline.in/code/wiki/FossElectiveTwoBook
[4] http://nrcfosshelpline.in/code/wiki/FosselectiveTwo
[5] http://nrcfosshelpline.in/code/wiki/FossLabExperiments

Well, I don't mean to propose the same as a lot of things in the 
syllabus [1] were indeed felt to be too heavy or over loaded for 
starters but Anna University has been quite successful in implementing 
the FOSS Elective and there is quite a good track record of performances 
in this elective. We can review it and modify it according to what we 
feel would be appropriate and need-of-the-hour.

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