[FSUG-Bangalore] GNU grazing on the 22nd November

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
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my suggestion :
yes we would come up with alternate content ( not complete syllabus but
otuline )  send a letter to vtu, meet vtu and convince of the context
and finally go on campaign - candle light vigil if it doesnt work out..


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On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 1:07 PM, vid <ml at upasva.in> wrote:

	Vikram Vincent wrote:
	>     Agenda:
	>     VTU, Microsoft tie-up to develop curriculum
	>     -- Our response to the tie-up
	>     -- Plans to protest?
	An alternate suggestion to a dharna/protest ..... why not ask
	volunteers taking part in the dharna to use the same
organisational time
	and energy in developing some curriculum content , and
approaching the
	powers-that-be in VTU to reconsider the tie-up with MS !?

i too feel this is the best idea ,
i think people from industry / academics with like minded can design an
alternate curriculum and demonstrate to BOE Chairman of respective
autonomous and as well non -autonomous colleges 

 but a protest would definitely send the message to VTU and M$ 

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