[FSUG-Bangalore] Blog post on National Conference & Boycott Novell Protest (PART - 1)

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I don't believe in words, I believe in action. I don't believe in TITLE,
I believe in the Contents.  Even then, I apologize for the slip-up in
the TITLE but I am obstinate in what I have said: 

 " But the fact that it was SFI who first invited Sir Richard Stallman
(Prophet of FSF) to preside over the first free software conference in
Trivandrum and that it was the CUSAT University Union who made the
platform for him in CUSAT is being deliberately kept under cover."

I do understand the difficulty in accepting facts kept under cover, but
that doesn't make it fictional. But that statement never meant a
diminution of the roles played by the many others. Is it viable by
couple of my friends who scribbled their comments below, is just a
matter of commonsensical thinking, and I believe its lacking! Why I am
so confident is because I have had the honor of partaking in the very
Students Parliament organized by the SFI with the backing of all the 5
University Unions in Kerala. RMS who came down to be there went directly
to meet the then opposition leader Com: VS Achuthanandan. 

Every single moment is by-heart to me: Queries? Please give me a ring!

Adoption aint my aim, neither hype! Claiming the title of a program, and
that too bygone - 4 years, adopting and embracing it so close is not
what I am here for. Claiming the guardianship of your blood, the same
flesh that you take pride in describing yours, because it took you so
much to get it, is respectable! But proclaiming another's blood & piece
of flesh to be yours caring a damn for his anguish and agony it took to
make him, is total insolence and impertinence and deplorable -not just
to the FSF activists but to the whole Software Monopoly Mafia members.

The program held then was presided by the then Chairman of Union. I
sincerely commit to my memory with heartfelt gratitude about all
(including FSUG Kochi & FSUG CUSAT) those who shred every crumb of their
oomph to make that program a success.

In an elegant group slicing their swords against software patents,
friends, how can I claim the patent of a program held years before...








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On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:48 AM,  <naveen.nj at birlasoft.com> wrote:
> SFI who first invited  Richard Stallman (Prophet of FSF) to
> preside over the Students Parliament which held on 2004 in Trivandrum
> that it was the CUSAT University Union who made the platform for him
> CUSAT is being deliberately kept under cover

Just to show some light on the above statement
If you are mentioning about RMS Visit to CUSAT on 2004 January 23 (
just after WSF 2004)  It was Organised in the joint banner of FSUG
CUSAT & Cochin University Union.  Most of the work is done by
voluntters of FSUG Kochi & FSUG CUSAT. like Anwar Ummer, Vimal Joseph,
me, Ragoo, Mahesh T Pai, Sameer Thahir etc

FSUG cusat is initiated by Anwar, me and sameer.
If you need more clarity on this check the  at FSUG-Kochi archives on
gmane and fsug-cusat archive on freelists.

Also your title shows your lack of understanding . It is a Free
Software conference. not FSF Conference

Any responsible politician should be encouraging a home grown Free
Software industry because it creates the basis for future jobs.
Learning Windows is like learning to eat every meal at McDonalds.

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