[FSUG-Bangalore] checking the preparations for RMS Visit

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you have taken a amazing step...........but let me check with
others....before committing..and there are others part of the group..in
community computing center...
why not invite somebody like abhas/arky - one of our seniors to welcome


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I would like to involve all those who were there in the planning meet
during the event hosted by RVCE

Tasks : 

*	Anchoring :              I / RVCE student would Like to anchor
the whole event 
*	Welcoming all :       Senthil , CCC 
*	RMS Introduction : CHRIST UNIVERSITY ( Vikram / Father Joseph ) 
*	RMS Speech 
*	TN Seetharam / Baragooru Ramachandrappa  Intro : Some one on
behalf of Kannada Bloggers 
*	Speech by TNS / BR 
*	Short Talk  by Dr S.C Sharma,, Principal ,RVCE
*	Short Talk by Secretary / President of RSSTrust 
*	Issue of Mementos : Anivar and other members of  FSUG can take
*	Vote of Thanks     :  Some body from CIS India 
*	If RMS wishes -- a photography session / autograph session 

I might have missed many things , suggestions / comments are most
welcome If any body else also want to be at stage and involve in any of
the things let me know where i can fit you....................... 

Seniors who are watching these could give suggestion----- correct me /
us if the above is wrong

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RMS Visit
		Hi all 
		As all of us aware that in association with FSUG,  RVCE
and CHRIST UNIVERSITY all together are organizing two confirmed talks of
RMS in bangalore and many more are on list 
		Time being i am feeling a bit tensed about the
preparation i have made 
		In case any of  FSUG-Members feels that they should know
what are the things going on regarding the preparation from RVCE side i
request any of you to please visit our college in your convenient time
within this week and check the thing whether we have missed anything.
		Expenditure arrangement : Currently is sponsoring 20,000
/- + 30,000 from faculty and students of RVCE and seraching for some
more sponsors (already apporached )
		As RMS staying is not possible at RVCE guest house as
our facilities are not matching with his requirements we are arranging
alternate place 
		As mentioned previously that RVCE is taking care of
Hospitality , i am mentioning these things 
		If in case of me not available in case of any emergency
Mr Chandrashekar B H will handle the issue 
		now when you come to my college please call me on this
number before coming 9901945674 becasue you will not be knowing who are
the people you have to meet
		our department director :     Dr Shobha is main person
in touch with college management 
		                                        : Dr Annamma
Abraham is another person in the managing commitee and ofcouse there 
		                                           are  around
195 students  who may volunteer ( names might not be required )
		 >> if any thing is needed do let us know..we can try
our bit.. 

	Senthil thanks a lot , as i am searching for some sponsors , if
i could not get any confirmation and if the budget is exceeding surely i
wll let everyone know till then i would not like to give pain to anyone
	Apart from this if any body would like to take the job of 
	Sorry for the uncompleted mail----by mistake send button was
clicked , then power lost 
	The things you can check is that whether hall is confirmed or
	Confirmation letters from the management that the permision to
host the Talk is given or not
	Clarifications could be made that what i am communicating is
correct or not from the Deparment Director and etc etc 
	Regarding translation - by first week of December -- it will be
	This is not to test whether RVCE is prepared or not , I felt it
would be a good practice to make sure that things are on right path
	Welcome you all for a nice interaction at RVCE, 
	Mr Vikram, i would like to hear from your side about your
preparations , i think we can exchange some ideas 
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