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Hi Roshan

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Roshan Phillip
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> I think it is high time for a change....we need a strong organization
> to take this movement forward. And for that we need a strong
> leadership. Nagarjuna, Arun etc are good..but their activities seem
> too localized.

Can you elaborate on what the localized bit in here ? Nagarjuna, Arun
M have been active, right from advocacy to meeting the National Policy
Makers on the patents issues. I dont know where you get these ideas
that the FSF Community in India isnt doing a good job. They might have
not been vocal in the recent past, thats because of the much running
around they are doing for the patents troll, meeting officials from
the PMO.

> I think Kiran Chandra has proved himself as a very able leader within
> a short span. His activities in Andhra, Grass root level work in
> Bangalore, the big event in Chennai and finally in Kochi, all these
> are just signs of how an organization should be taken forward.

Kiran is a fine individual. He has done a good job among right from
educating students to beauracrats in Andhra, Idea of freedom in
science and technology to Political parties . He has been doing it
very much as a part FSF India Board. The Organization is going

> Moreover, an organization cannot work in isolation. Kiran's close
> connections with the Communist Party can be and should be used for the
> benefit of the organization. Being the editor of CPI(M)s very popular
> newspaper, he should be able to take the organization to the next
> level.

Its good not to mix  up a Political Party Propoganda with the Free
Software Movements Ideals. There is nothing political about Free
Software. Do  not mixup Kirans professional affiliations to  FSFI. I'm
sure Kiran will do a pretty fine job for the freesoftware moment in
India, even without his personal and  political affiliations.

> On behalf of the free software volunteers across the country, i
> request the current leadership to step down gracefully, as it is high
> time for a change.

I beg your pardon..on behalf of whom ? It looks more of an individual thought
This sounds more like BCCI offering to play  testmatch if you agree to retire .

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