[FSUG-Bangalore] Time for a Change

Kiran Chandra kiranfsf at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 11:15:03 IST 2008

Dear Friends,

I dont subscribe to the points that Nagarjuna and Arun are not able
leaders. Such kind of statements will not help the movement to grow
rather create more confusion. The positions of Nagarjuna and FSF India
Board are publicly know on many issues. 

The point that i am an editor of a news paper of CPI(M) or was an editor
of the news paper of CPI(M) is not a fact. I was never the editor of any
news paper. 


      * Friends,
      * I think it is high time for a change....we need a strong
      * to take this movement forward. And for that we need a strong
      * leadership. Nagarjuna, Arun etc are good..but their activities
      * too localized.
      * I think Kiran Chandra has proved himself as a very able leader
      * a short span. His activities in Andhra, Grass root level work in
      * Bangalore, the big event in Chennai and finally in Kochi, all
      * are just signs of how an organization should be taken forward.
      * Moreover, an organization cannot work in isolation. Kiran's
      * connections with the Communist Party can be and should be used
        for the
      * benefit of the organization. Being the editor of CPI(M)s very
      * newspaper, he should be able to take the organization to the
      * level.
      * On behalf of the free software volunteers across the country, i
      * request the current leadership to step down gracefully, as it is
      * time for a change.

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