[FSUG-Bangalore] [Fsf-friends] Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software 2008

Parthan SR parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 09:12:21 IST 2008

sujith h wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 2:39 PM, OpenSpace <use.info 
> <http://use.info>@gmail.com <http://gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Shall we agree to disagree on this? I think respecting people and
>     respecting the greater cause are indivisible, possible and
>     necessary. 
>     Since I am one of the 'common people' in the group, I could be
>     wrong. I cannot claim to understand the technical world.
>     It is important to be true to oneself (as the old saying: and this
>     above all, to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the
>     night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.), but do
>     you really think that writing mails with courtesy, and having
>     discussions with respect will hurt the freesoftware cause, or make
>     you deceive yourself?
> What's the openion of the group members if some guidelines are set 
> for the fsug-bangalore mailing list? Just like ilug-bombay,
> http://mm.gnu.org.in/pipermail/linuxers/Week-of-Mon-20031013/038018.html
> <http://mm.gnu.org.in/pipermail/linuxers/Week-of-Mon-20031013/038018.html>
Isn't that very similar to the commonly followed mailing list etiquettes 
that most User Group mailing lists follow? It's generally aimed to help 
people easily get along with the conversations. But, aren't we already 
following this, at least who do participate in other mailing lists? 
Sometimes you can't stop a raging flame on a mailing list, especially 
when a majority of it's members are firing cannons at each other ;)

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