[FSUG-Bangalore] FSF should distance itself from undemocratic, illegal, immoral and unjustifiable acts of protest.

haynes davis haynesdavis at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 13:32:36 IST 2008

> who are the  FSF people are doing the double speak?
> Second, please do not identify FSF and FSFI.  These are two different
> sister organizations.

i referred to fsf only in Indian context, ie. fsf india. Sorry for the

Some people took part in the protest say Novell issue was due to the
ignorance of organizers, while some say the organizers concealed it. People
like Arun etc were at the conference, while some where protesting. Anivar
Aravind, Member FSF was a speaker at the conference and also a protester.


 And also regarding cpim hijack issue. Why dont fsf india make the things
clear. Do fsf india support those rumors?  If not, why does not fsf india
condemn such news, at least to show some gratitude towards cpim which
supports our cause?

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