[FSUG-Bangalore] Kochi conference and hurt egoes - a call for truce

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Tue Nov 18 09:02:08 IST 2008

> I did tell him that from slumdweller we can put up a protest poster if what
> folks were saying was true and
>  exrpressed my solidarity.

Unfortunately, organisers of exhibition told that those posters
can not put on any stalls, even if owner of the stall agrees.
This lead to the protest.

> Yes though he is working  with IEEE for free software ( as i did in blr)  I
> need to understand the free software cause
>  and help it spread rather than doing a stupid thing like tearing his
> t-shirt.

> I have to see and understand his contribution to free software .

Even if you have not named the person, you should have given more respect.
(Atleast till you understand who he is.)

> This is the question - do i take a puritan stand based on what RMS himself
> said - and say nothing doing with IEEE
> ( though they are not MS) - or do i look at it as avenue for growth of free
> software - especially when the field is
>  still empty ( imho)

Conflict between quality and quantity is very common.

> i feel that there is a need for both these groups - the radical and the mass
> based - both have their role.


> Why are we seeing thse controversies errupt in recent times. Is it becuase
> the free software movement is growing.
> Is it because some are worried that its growing in the wrong direction.

I think lack of transparency and communication is the main issue.

> btw we did sell 4365 Rs worth of gimp paintings from the slum computer
> center.  had my chance to meet people like

I would like to meet your center. For last few year we are running a center
in costal trivandrum. We also do community radio work there.
There may be possibility of sharing lot of ideas.


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