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Nair VJK nairvjk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 14:01:03 IST 2008

Dear Vikram,
I am glad that you have had a really good experience about the
National Conference on Free oftware Movement at Kochi.  I am
particularly glad that you could identify the `disruptors' of the Free
Software Movement `misusing' the FSUG name.
Their claim that the left/communists/cpim are hijacked the event is
bogus.  Infact as the report suggest it that they who tried to hijack
the event to serve their aim is disrupting the movement.  And the
`hijackers' of any event must face the enforcement of discipline as
rightly done by the organisers there at Kochi.

Now, it is time to consolidatre the movement here and asolate the
hijackers like anivar and co.
Yours fraternaly,
VJK Nair

On 11/17/08, Vikram Vincent <vincentvikram at gmail.com> wrote:
> After a good experience at the First National Conference at Hyderabad I had
> been planning to attend the Second Conference at Kochi from the time of its
> announcement a couple of months ago. Even my serious ill-health could not
> keep me away from the conference as many will vouch. After two weeks of bad
> health of which 5 days were spent on a hospital bed I woke up from the
> hospital bed and came straight to Kochi.
> The Conference was well organised and the 1000+ delegate participation from
> all over the country was magnificent. It was a representation of the growing
> peoples' mass movement which cannot be stopped or controlled by vested
> interests or power centres. What is obvious is the conscious conversion of a
> developers' movement to a peoples' movement. THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING CHARGE.
> The resolutions brought out at the conference are important and I hope that
> they will be released soon.
> One of the most important talks was the one by Sri. Sitaram Yechury where
> the issue of the crisis in global capitalism and its impact on people and
> the role of the Free Software Movement in building the resistance was
> presented in terms that even a 10th standard student could understand.
> A couple of years ago when organising the GPLv3 conference I noticed that
> only a small group of people took responsibility and organised the 'event'.
> But now the dynamics has changed. Events are being replaced by processes.
> The Karnataka team (I am not referring to FSUG-Bangalore because though I am
> an integral part of it I know that it is not representative of Karnataka but
> only a miniscule part of the Movement. A single community. FSUG B'lore is
> just a mailing list.) comprising of ordinary people from the slums, computer
> technical trainers from villages, academicians, IT employees, engineering
> students and others participated in the conference. The conscious effort to
> build a mass movement in Karnataka is bearing fruit and this was clear when
> almost one and a half bus loads of activists from Karnataka reached Kochi.
> Even the efforts to sideline genuine work and at various important
> protests/programs could not/cannot dampen our spirits.
> What struck me as odd was why FSF-India which claims to be THE free software
> community was not a part of this important process.
> While we will support causes which are just irrespective of individuals and
> banners we will definitely not allow elements to disrupt the movement here
> in Karnataka or anywhere in India and we will continue to work to build the
> movement the best way we know -- as a mass movement.
> Join us and you will be assimilated.
> In solidarity with the Free Software Movement,
> --
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VJK Nair

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