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Mon Nov 17 13:34:04 IST 2008

Hi Praveen,I think you are well aware about the dirty drama played by a
group of so called free software activists(I dont think that they are free
software activists just because they stood against the spirit of free
software community).
As all know, no body is supporting Novel. But the question is about
expressing thoughts in a democratic way and for the best interest of the
Do you think that the entire conference was organized to demotivate the free
software community?
Do you think that thousands of students and teachers from CUSAT who worked
hard with sleepless nights were doing some conspiracy against free software
And again, if some one is doing something better than other one for the best
interest of the community, please do have atleast a little bit of courage to
congratulate them instead of demotivate them...


2008/11/17 Nidhin Sasi <nidhin.sasi at gmail.com>

>          I have been for the National Conference and also know some
> of those involved in  organising the event. It is not as simple organising
> such a big event as sitting comfotably and mailing. The efforts like missing
> the classes and going for sponsorships to different places, spending
> sleepless nights for postering inside the 180 acres of campus and also
> outside, setting up the stages, food and other things are not at all easy.
> Also the B.Tech students were having exams and many in midst of that spent
> their time in organising the event.
>   Many of these students apart from the philosophy behind Free Software
> might not be knowing whether Novel has any relation with Free Software or
> not. It was upto the organising committe to decide whether to keep the
> banner or not. First and foremost, the protestors were among the organsing
> committe, second the first day of the conference, I don't think anybody was
> blind to miss this banner and why no such demands came on the first day.
>  Apart from giving Novel bit of publicity what did we acheive?
>  Such an event being organised as a National Conference and anyone trying
> to disrupt the event for his/her vested interests could not be left
> untolerated by the students who spent sleepless nights not going to their
> homes and in between their exams. None of these protesors did any kind of
> ground level work for setting up such an event and only the those who were
> involved in ground level work know the pains when somebody is trying to
> create unnecessary problems.
>  Again this could have been discussed in an open forum peacefully but the
> protestors were very adamant. Many of the people and students and those in
> the stall especially from other states who witnessed these were afraid. Is
> such a behaviour of any kind of use to the progress of Free Software
> Movement? Is it some personal egos or the movement which is more important
> for all of us ?
> All these were well planned drama to disrupt the Conference and those
> disrupting the Conference are disrupting the progress of our Movement.
> Rather than supporting we should alienate such elements who could be
> dangerous to the Movement.
> Thanks & Regards
> Nidhin
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 12:29 PM, Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2008/11/16 Rakesh രാകേഷ് <rakeshklr at gmail.com>:
>> > The incident was something like  killing our own baby...
>> That is what Novell did when they joined hand with Microsoft and
>> betrayed the same community which it depends for its survival.
>> Do you support the Novell-Microsoft deal? In your opinion, what is the
>> role of Novell in Free Software community?
>> > We(the free
>> > software activists in India and especially free software activists in
>> Cochin
>> > university)  organized such a great event and at the same time some
>> > activists of the same movement tried to kill the spirit of the same
>> > conference... Even if there were several small issues, everyone got
>> enough
>> > space and voice to share their opinions... But  despite of all these,
>> > creating such stupid undemocratic scenes and incidents will in no way
>> help
>> > the growth and larger perspective of the movement in India...  And we,
>> the
>> I hope you are referring to the way a democratic protest was silenced
>> by the organisers.
>> Cheers
>> Praveen
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