[FSUG-Bangalore] Paranoia of hijack

Rahul Computerwala devilsadvocate4free at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 12:52:08 IST 2008

Hi All,

These days anything that has to happen has to be hijack..a lot of us
went from blr to koch with mani

mani , sarasu , the youth in slum computer center and many others who
contribute to the free software cause

many who came to ieee event have nothing do with any political
party...there were college students , progessors

we hear there is attempt my Sashikumar, Arun M, Anivar Aravind ,
Joseph Mathew - to call this a hijack - as for some iditotic reason
their egoes were hurt - they are trying to spread this cpim phobia -
in all kerala magazines

i hear anivar went to the shameful extent of saying that there was a
take over attempt in blr

desparte folks..who  dont believe in themselves or their work

With Truth and Hatred against Vested Interests


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