[FSUG-Bangalore] 2nd national conference

Rakesh രാകേഷ് rakeshklr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 12:07:43 IST 2008

The second national conference at Cochin was really a great experience not
only in terms of number of delegates but also the variety and depth of
topics… We around 50 from Bangalore participated in the conference...

I think this is again a point to think and redefine the essence of this
movement in Indian reality…
Cochin conference will be remembered in history not just as another
conference but as a conference in which the Indian free software movement
has reshaped to a mass movement… People from all walks of life participated
in this conference… All the socio, technical aspects of life were discussed
including the cast discrimination in knowledge  community and many more
topics of this kind…

The conference is definitely a reply to the mere technocrats and paper
tigers reminding them about the essence of the movement...There was the real
spirit of freedom in the conference... I would like to congratulate the
 organizers of Cochin conference... And hope they will continue with these
kind of initiatives which would surely strengthen the secular democratic
movements in India. I would like to mention one more thing- that is nothing
but the dramas and silly stupid publicity stunt happened in the conference
venue. I am not simplifying the reason  which lead to some unwanted
incidents... But what I am more concerned about is whether such incidents
are really focusing the larger interests of our movement... The incident was
something like  killing our own baby... We(the free software activists in
India and especially free software activists in Cochin university)  organized
such a great event and at the same time some activists of the same movement
tried to kill the spirit of the same conference... Even if there were
several small issues, everyone got enough space and voice to share their
opinions... But  despite of all these,  creating such stupid undemocratic
scenes and incidents will in no way help the growth and larger perspective
of the movement in India...  And we, the freesoftware activists should never
allow the  personal interests or egos of anyone to take higher priority than
the priorities of the movement...

Thanks a lot again to the organizers of 2nd national conference...

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