[FSUG-Bangalore] Mani will be going to Cochin Free Soft Conference.

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Fri Nov 14 10:04:27 IST 2008

In a bit of a hurry. Our request for a stall for putting up Mani's GIMP
paintings and discussing the issue of slums
has been accepted by the organisers of the Kochi Conference on free
Mani and the enteprising kids from the community managed to print and
frame 35 paintings in last 2 days. 
Mani is beaming with joy and enterprise - it will be hist first trip to
What wonders can "Free Software, Free Hardware "  do. 
Some of us have had the chance to help them in a small way and feel its
a honour to accompany him to the conference. 
Thanks profusely all those who have helped the kids.
p.s: however the computer center itself has a long way to go : need
hardware help - frequent maintenance issues, lack of gnu/linx syllabus
and exercises , creative teacher guides who can make learning more
interesting is still a need. 
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