[FSUG-Bangalore] RMS talk at IISc

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Thu Nov 13 16:11:59 IST 2008

Dear All,
Sorry for the clutter. let me make things clear.
1) Do we have a confirmation on the RMS talk at IISc - on 'Patents'  [
given the current context of  " "IP" " Cell Promotion at IISc ] and the
prominence 'software patent' is gathering in india - RMS to be
communicated about this . 
2) If we have confirmation asap then it will help us work better for the
event. If not we will wait . I had a initial request but didnt proceed
as I dont have a confirmation.
3) I propose that we have Fsug and IISc ( the exact department and so on
to be communicated later ) as organisers  as Dr. Nagarjuna suggested- of
course supporting organisations can put up their support banners - and -
we will try to make it as broad based as possible and focus attention on
IISc . 
4) I am aksing whomever i know including iisc students to join the list 
5) we should also not miss any free software supporter in iisc and
include them in the effort - they might be quite senior and we might not
know them..

6) yes bms is definitely an inspiration 






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