[FSUG-Bangalore] comment on IISc - Program from Redhat Venky

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Thu Nov 13 13:57:09 IST 2008

Dear All,
See comments from Redhat Venky on the IISc program. I also pointed him
to our discussion page and requested him to give detailed advice
I couldn't figure out where I could submit a comment, so I am sending it
to you. Can you add it to the appropriate location/guide me?

"Software patents are an important issue in India right now because
there is a heated debate over how to interpret Section 3(k) which says
that, "A mathematical or business method or a computer programme per se
or algorithms are not patentable."

How "computer programme per se" is interpreted is of vital importance to
the FOSS community. Therefore a talk by RMS on software patents would be
relevant at this point in time and would help raise awareness of how
patents prevent independent invention and restrict the freedom of
software developers."

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