[FSUG-Bangalore] weighted queues

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Thu Nov 13 10:20:11 IST 2008

I saw that a queue has been made for RMS visit requests. Thats  logical
and algorithimic.
However I would like to give a critical review comment on the design of
the queue ;)  . The queue looks like it is FIFO ( first in first out).
But FIFO doesnt always work.
At times we need weighted queues for the effective functioning of the
 The current queue : "talk in  BMS College of Engineering <---talk in
IISc/IIM <----Interaction with Kannada Bloggers (would be clubbed with
other confirmed event) "
We would like to add the following weights to this  element in the queue
"Talk at IISc" : 
  Weight 1 : anivar said its a good topic
   Weight 2 : from prof k gopinath from IISc : "I think a big issue now
in free software is network/web services and GPL (often called the "ASP
loophole"). The Affero GPLv3 addresses this issue. Since this is not
well known, I think asking him to talk about this as well as
patents/copyrights/... will be useful." 

  Weight 3 : harish k singh : Can you look at the article at
html> . The patents subsidized by our belowed govt is now in the hands
of these trolls. Maybe we need to address these issues when the meeting
in IISc happens next month.Incidently, this company's major investor is
none other than microsoft. See
rrentPage=1> . 


simply put :  "A few of us feel IISc is more important - as its a
institute of national importance - and too much patenting is going on
and we need RMS there!!!"
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