[FSUG-Bangalore] discussions in the meeting yesterday

Parthan SR parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 11:03:27 IST 2008

Nagarjuna G. wrote:
> Considering good interest, I suggest the following way of announcing 
> the programs.  FSUG be the main organizer of Bangalore events.  The 
> book launch event followed by the RMS speech can be jointly organized 
> by RVCE and FSUG, and similarly the Christ college and FSUG, and if 
> another event happens make it the same.  Each of the administrative 
> bodies who support the event, provide auditoria etc get recognition as 
> well.  This way I think FSUG will also get stronger, and also 
> recognized by all other colleges and other agencies.  They would know 
> where to go when they need support.
Isn't it that RMS liked to have the same organizing team managing both 
the events, i.e. FSUG, RVCE, Christ College and BMSCE(?) as principal 
organizers for both the college events and all other groups as 
supporting organizations whichever venue they are joining at? At least 
that was what communicated or did we get it wrong?

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