[FSUG-Bangalore] discussions in the meeting yesterday

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Sun Nov 9 16:38:23 IST 2008

Dear All
I thought some aspects of  what we discussed yesterday so that it will
help in minutes. This is not complete , i am only putting in what I
remember, others do pitch in , mainly related to RMS visit.
Pranesh from CIS was coordinating the session along with Anivar
a) A good number of people atteneded the meeting. About 15 of us joined
the meeting late at 3.45, . I guess the meeting started at about 3.15
and about 7-8 of them had discussed some bit and had to rebrief the rest
of us on RMS visit.
b) Later BMS students also joined at 4ish
c) It was a good day as we saw some good participation in fsug 
Banner during RMS visit
d) Anivar informed - that "RMS had informed that he would like to speak
in FSUG and Colleges' banner - taking into consideration the demand - he
will speak at two events - and insisited - the organisers be the same
e) Senthil :  The event should be as broad based as possible. Including
new and different groups who have expressed interest in RMS visit  :
Kannada Bloggers, Slum computer Center, Free software friends in the
industry ( who joined yesterday in good numbers ) - who have been
working on free software for the past some time - a joint banner of all
groups might be ideal - if not every body can work - under FSUG banner.
However folks explained reasons why it needs to be 'RVCE-Christ-FSUG'
Suggestions for Schedule during RMS visit
f) It was confirmed after discussion that the schedule is not confirmed,
and its only a initial meeting 
g) Except for the RVCE program fixed some time earlier 
h) it was discussed that FSUG could and should play a signifinact role
in coming up with a schedule in the best interests of the free software
i) and in which different folks can be given space - within the
constraint of 'Two Events' . 
j) FSUG decided to work using a wiki page and float in suggestions,
which can be finally decided by RMS. 
How do we go about it
The  new suggestions are put up by respective folks 
discussions are happening at :
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