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Parthan SR parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 21:10:44 IST 2008

renuka prasad wrote:
> Hi all
> I am sorry for being a bit late.....
> Well as it was announced few  months back about RMS visit to india to 
> attend Trivendrum Conference, i requested Nagarjuna and Arun to check 
> the possibility of RMS visit to R.V.C.E to release the book "Free 
> Software, Free Society :Selected Essays of RMS " to kannada ( that 
> time  i was a bit fond of telling Free software philosphy in kannada 
> thought of translating that book)  and give public talk.
> After a month response came from Arun that RMS has confirmed bangalore 
> visit -- but was not knowing the dates
> the again after communicating several times it was confirmed that RMS 
> will be in bangalore from 12th to 14th of december 2008.. ( arun 
> please update if any changes are there)
> My request is Lets meet and plan properly : ( shall we meet coming 
> saturday --- November 8th 2008 )
As per discussions carried out during the Gnu(s) Grazing meet today, I 
have opened up the following page in the wiki - 
http://bangalore.gnu.org.in/index.php/Events:RMS_visit_to_Bangalore - 
for discussions regarding various proposals we got during the meeting 
and all new proposals yet to come. Please feel free to comment or take 
things to discussion in this mailing list on anything put up there. Also 
feel free to propose something if you think it caters to Free Software 
enthusiasts and you're ready to take responsibility. We have agreed to 
meet again in another 10-15 days time once we get our plans agreed by 
RMS, to discuss and fix the final schedule.

Hope Anivar will be updating the actual minutes about the meeting soon.

With Regards,

Parthan "technofreak"
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