[FSUG-Bangalore] RMS visiting India

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 11:25:13 IST 2008


2008/11/3 Vikram Vincent <vikram.vincent at christuniversity.in>

> 2008/11/1 Joseph Varghese Fr. <frjoseph at christuniversity.in>
>> Vikram can check with the availability of it on Monday
>> <snip>
> The main auditorium is free from 10AM - 1PM on the 12th of December.

Kindly excuse me from today's meeting as I have been bed-ridden for the last
one week and not been able to even attend work. My condition has still not
yet improved.
Please ensure in today's meeting that Christ University's requirement for
RMS visit for 12th as above is discussed.
Keep me in touch. I shall check my mail later in the day.
Vikram Vincent
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