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On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 10:56 AM, Madhusudan C.S <madhusudancs at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
>          BMSLUG in association with Department of Information
> Science and Engineering, BMSCE has organized a Hands-On
> session on How to Hack on Free Software projects. We intend
> to cover most of tools that are usually needed for hacking stuff.
> And to be make it clear again, its not a boring lecture, but you
> learn doing it yourself. Please feel free to join us. There is no
> restriction on which department or college you belong to. Spread
> the word and any one can join us.

Hi All

Organizers please make a note following from RVCE will attend the workshop
Two Faculties : Myself and one of my colleague
at least five students will participate in your workshop

Looking forward ........

> The projects we have selected to Hack On are:
> 1. GNOME (probably and mostly GNOME-GAMES_
> 2. KDE (the packages are yet to be decided)
> 3. GNUSim8085
> The idea of this session is really not to get some code on the very
> first day. It will not be  fair to expect any one to contribute on the
> very first day they are introduced to the tools in the business. We
> will take live bugs in these tools, help them fix these bugs live, So
> bugs selected will be common for everyone. And if possible we
> submit the patches under the name of BMSLUG-Hackathon.
> After this we will give some time for people to get to know things
> and say after a week or 10 days or so we will have a full fledged
> hackathon (probably a day long one) in BMSCE.
> Date: *05-11-2008*, *Wednesday*
> Venue: *ISE Lab, BMSCE* (Ground  Floor, CSE+ISE+ECE Block)
> --
> Thanks and regards,
>  Madhusudan.C.S
> Blogs at: www.madhusudancs.info
> Official Email ID: madhusudan at madhusudancs.info
> P.S: This might help people who are interested in knowing where to
> start for Google Summer of Code 2009.
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