[FSUG-Bangalore] RMS-Bangalore Visit -lets meet and plan properly

Madhusudan C.S madhusudancs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 11:59:29 IST 2008

Hi all,
        Its really great to know that RMS is visiting Bangalore.
And that too coming to RVCE. And really thanks for the
organizers, Renuka Prasad Sir, Mr. Arun, Mr.Nagarjuna
and all the related people. Really thanks a lot. Its a dream
come true to meet him.

> From few days ----------------------- Christ College also wants to have RMS
> at their College and adress them ---which has to be decided by RMS and then
> they also can proceed further ----
> Mr. Arun,
        A small request. We few people from BMS-LUG
 are working on the translation of the book (RMS Essays)
that will be released during RMS visit. Sorry to ask this
really, but is it possible to have RMS in BMSCE too for a
session? Most of them will be really craving for this? It will
be good if you can arrange for one.

Thanks and regards,

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