[FSUG-Bangalore] RMS-Bangalore Visit -lets meet and plan properly

renuka prasad renukaprasadb at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 22:18:52 IST 2008

Hi all

I am sorry for being a bit late.....

Well as it was announced few  months back about RMS visit to india to attend
Trivendrum Conference, i requested Nagarjuna and Arun to check the
possibility of RMS visit to R.V.C.E to release the book "Free Software, Free
Society :Selected Essays of RMS " to kannada ( that time  i was a bit fond
of telling Free software philosphy in kannada thought of translating that
book)  and give public talk.

After a month response came from Arun that RMS has confirmed bangalore visit
-- but was not knowing the dates

the again after communicating several times it was confirmed that RMS will
be in bangalore from 12th to 14th of december 2008.. ( arun please update if
any changes are there)

My request is Lets meet and plan properly : ( shall we meet coming saturday
--- November 8th 2008 )

As i was surprised to see the mail came from arun telling that i am
co-ordinating the Events and RMS meetings and other related things  -- i am
considering myself responsible and thought of communicating to all of you
and move further with your valuable suggestions / comments and support

Agenda :
1. Oganizers :
    FSUG-Bangalore and RSST ( R.V.C.E ) for the book release and Public talk
by RMS

Being associated with FSUG-Bangalore since a year or two it is by default
that FSUG-Bangalore is an organizer of    this event. R.V.C.E is the place i
work , fortunately RSST agreed to support this event --waiting for just a
final nod abou the event venue.

If any body else want to be as joint organizers i am very happy if you can
extend your support and take some responsibilties which could be discussed
during meeting

2. Invitees :
Since we are releasing book : i thought it would be good to invite  few
scholors for this event...talks are going on few have shown interest and yet
to confirm

Political leaders are being communicated by R.V.C.E management -- yet to get
final list of political leaders who will be invited

TV serial producers and Directors

3. Schedules

Assuming 12th of November 2008 morning RMS is in bangalore
RMS Will be staying in R.V.C.E guest house --- ( Hopitality is taken care by
RSST - r.v.c.e management )

12th After noon             to           evening : Meeting with governemnt
officials and representation to government

How about Press Conference in evening -------------Anivar can you please
take this up , if any body else wants to join hand please do so --as i have
seen anivar has good links i thought he would be appropriate

13th --- 9.00 am to 1.00 pm : release of the book + RMS public talk
             3.00 pm to 7.00 pm : carnatical music program + meeting with
Producers / Directors

Some arrangeents has to be made where RMS gets a treat of  carnatical
Musical during his visit to bangalore

14th -- can we have a session of 2 hours where some of the hackers wants to
meet RMS and show their contributions to RMS ---- ( this is just my thought

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