[FSUG-Bangalore] Gnu/Linux Habba V2 @ Mysore on 21st September

Omshivaprakash H L omshivaprakash at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 11:05:39 IST 2008

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Hi All,

There were around 300+ people registered for the first Gnu/Linux Habba
event conducted at SERC, IISc, Bangalore in April, 08. More than 200
people were benefited. Around 100 people installed Linux @ the venue.
200+ Ubuntu CD's mailed to people who wanted to try out Linux. Now its
time to help others who didn't get to attend the last event.

Yes, Sampada technical team is now heading towards Mysore to conduct
its second Linux install Fest "Gnu/Linux Habba".

More information regarding this even can be found @ Event URL

Wiki : http://dev.sampada.net/GNU_Linux_Install_Fest

Team Mailing list : tech-volunteers at sampada.net

Venue: Department Of Physics, University Of Mysore, Mysore

Event Postings (Kannada Version):  http://sampada.net/article/11243

IRC : #kannada on IRC.Net

Join Us! You can register as a Volunteer @ our wiki page. Registration
for attendees will be open soon!

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With Best Regards,
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