[FSUG-Bangalore] Demonstration against approval of OOXML by ISO amid huge irregularities

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 23:27:17 IST 2008

Today evening 10 of us from FSUG, BMSCE, RVCE, Christ College, HP.... had a
and we decided to have a candle light vigil to pressurise BIS to appeal
against OOXML
being given ISO status amid huge irregularities.
As rightly observed somewhere on cyberspace, this campaign has now moved
from being
technical into being very political.
Date:15th April, 2008
Time: 18:00hrs
Venue: Mahatma Gandhi statue, MG road, Bangalore

We request all to please participate and also support in any way possible.
-> For instance, maybe Sun can sponsor a nice huge flex/banner and a couple
hundred CDs/DVDs of OO.o apart from stirring up the media...
Joe.. hope you are listening...
-> Get some NGOs involved.
Senthil and Balaji What say you?(Since I saw quite a few mails in this
-> Campaign at some educational institutions that do not have exams.
-> Keep a huge stock of candles before M$ cleans out the market.
-> Contact media
-> Get police permission(I'll handle this)
-> maybe create an OOXML banner made of bananas (as in Banana republic ;))
-> Others that may have been forgotten but are absolutely necessary...

Vikram Vincent
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