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Juan Carlos Gentile Fagundez jucar at hipatia.net
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On Wednesday 08 July 2009, Arun M wrote:
 >It is not that text book/curriculum doesnt talk abt other freedoms.
 >But effective communication is not happening at school level on
 >ideological aspects of free software.
 >There is scope for improvement. It would be good some one
 >can design interesting activities for children which effectively
 >communicate the different freedoms to children. Any way

Dear Arun.
What we did in Italy (just for a blender course) was teaching the students to 
build a film you can find here:
unfortunately is in Italian (i can do the subtitles) but as you can see the 
child learned to do the film , and at the same time about freedom, as you see 
the guy (michele) is going outside the screen searching freedom.

I think this aproach was very good for us. The group become freedom-fighter :)

warm regards

 >it is not an easy task to ensure that majority of 60,000 teachers
 >effectively use it.
 >On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 9:36 AM, ck raju<ck.thrissur at gmail.com> wrote:
 >>>>> > - School curricula on and using FS
 >> Raj,
 >> I think there would be problem if you chose to adopt or recommend the
 >> *mode of educating* Free Software in Kerala. Nothing that I know here
 >> uses the opportunity to equip student community to get introduced to
 >> Free Software through its different Freedoms other than *Freedom Level
 >> 0*.
 >> This is a fine trap that Kerala's IT at School project is led into, as of
 >> now, because all these learning exercises can be replaced by Freewares
 >> or Sharewares or other subsidised Proprietary software.

 >> If these concerns are unfounded, can they be substantiated with
 >> evidence ? Guess Arun or Vimal may be able to clarify.
 >> CK Raju
 >> Kharagpur
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