[Fsf-friends] Comrades’ new-found love with IT

sandeep sr sandeep.sr78 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 13:04:00 IST 2009


Finally CPM has decided to take the plunge, putting all speculations to rest.
It will be really bad if things go by the way as reported.

If opportunists start controlling the Free Software movement, it is
very likely that it is the ideals of FS that is going to be modified
more than any software under it. They can't be blamed for it, since it
is quite habitual for them to reverse their announced policies as part
of trying to catch up with the present, just as they did in the case
of World Bank and ADB loans(to name just two).

Madhyamam, a local daily today has a report by P.K Prakash that Mr.
Joseph Mathew, was removed from his post as IT Advisor to the Kerala
CM, as he resisted the efforts of a group from taking over FSF India.

The attempts to organize a local FSF chapter in TN without the consent
of the Board Members, the Kochi conference, and the latest reports ...
may be the 'hijack' theory was not entirely baseless.


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