[Fsf-friends] [campaign] My Fair Copyright for Canada Principles

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 06:18:36 IST 2008

My Fair Copyright for Canada Principles

With the continued interest in Canadian copyright reform - the Fair
Copyright for Canada Facebook group has grown to over 38,000 members
and the local chapters across the country are gaining significant
momentum - the most frequently asked question I receive is "what do
you think fair copyright reform looks like?"  In other words, we know
that tens of thousands of Canadians oppose a Canadian DMCA, but what
kind of reform would or should they support?

1) Take the Copyright Pledge.
2) Anti-circumvention provisions should be directly linked to
copyright infringement.
3) No ban on devices that can be used to circumvent a TPM.
4) Expand the fair dealing provision by establishing "flexible fair dealing."
5) Establish a legal safe harbour for Internet intermediaries
supported by a "notice and notice" takedown system.
6) Modernize the backup copy provision.
7) Rationalize the statutory damages provision.
8) Include actual distribution in the making available right.

Can we have a campaign similar to this in India?

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