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On 06/10/2007, Omshiva prakash <omshivaprakash at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Microsoft has for long ignored issues relating to Kannada on their
> Operating Systems. Despite several movements, campaigns to bring the issues
> to Microsoft's attention, things have just been the same. What more? To push
> its own standards and grab monopoly, Microsoft has signed a "Letter of
> Intent" with Government of Karnataka recently.
> Implications? many! Microsoft would get an unfair edge in the state
> despite its negligence towards Kannada language.
A few thoughts about the letter:
1. The main points of the letter - gives adequate focus on the Kannada
language aspects, talks about "lock-in" and benefit of free software.
2. Can a few point about the ODF vs. OOXML and India's stand on the issue be
added? I think this is very relevant to the situation.
3. Can we increase the emphasis of quality of localisation with free
4. Maybe quote a few points from the IOSN webpage http://www.iosn.net/ on
why developing countries such as India would find it more advantageous to
use FOSS based solutions.
While the language issue would stir our passions, on its own it would not
present a compelling case since Free s/w Kannada localisation is also still
Hope these points are taken into consideration when finalising the letter(if
this a draft).

With fraternal greetings,
Vikram Vincent
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