[Fsf-friends] [Fwd: [ilugd] Revoking/Objecting to Software Patents in Indian Patent Office]

Ramanathan Muthaiah rus.cahimb@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 3 21:53:01 IST 2007

> Considering the importance of this matter, FSF India is willing to  find a
> way of doing this.  If any of you would like to work for FSF, FSFI can
> consider to compensate for their time.  Please write to me if you know of such candidates.


Please have a look at this post:


I quote, partially from the blogpost, below, as the person has
provided his / her e-mail id:

" . . .  We know that there are some fabulous civil society groups
opposing pharmaceutical patents, such as IMAK and Lawyers Collective.
Is there one doing software patents? If not, this may perhaps be the
right time to form one or to help an existing NGO take on this
additional task by providing inputs. If any of you are interested,
please let us know via the "comments" section of the blog or write to
me at shamnad at gmail.com.

Hopefully, in the coming years, SpicyIP can provide legal inputs to
anyone wishing to rid India of "bad" patent applications such as this
and serve as a forum for generating more discussion around this theme.
. . "



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