[Fsf-friends] [CROSS-POSTED] Re: National Policy on ICT in Education

Koh Choon Lin pppd88 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 23:34:02 IST 2007

This is important enough to me, and presumably to a number of other

> people on these lists.  I have started putting my thoughts down on the
> web, and invite anyone who wants to contribute to add to them (it's on
> a Wiki):
> http://wiki.linux-delhi.org/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Main/NationalICTEducation
> The document is still quite preliminary and I'm hoping that people more
> qualified than me will take some time and help fill in the copious
> blanks.
> Insh'allah some of the ideas that we come up with would be able to
> influence the forthcoming policy in a positive direction.  I have just
> one request, which is to avoid jingoistic anti-MS statements that may
> end up making the whole document unpalatable to policy makers (this is
> specifically aimed at the Linux/FOSS community ;)  Here the subtle
> knife may be preferable to the blunt hammer.

Any updates on this?

Koh Choon Lin
Best Teacher in Singapore <http://profiles.friendster.com/42928535>
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